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Sacred Matrescence Circle

The upcoming dates for 2024 are:

February 4th – fully booked

March 10th – fully booked

...for registration and details, see below!

Right where you are in your motherhood journey, we come together. For a Sunday morning. A pause, a Mother-Circle, a nurturing moment before you dive back into your nurturing role as a mother. Nourish yourself to nurture.

Our circle offers you the opportunity to connect with other mothers through listening, sharing, and simply being together. Without judgment, without competition. We provide you with the space. The space for your journey into motherhood, your role as a mother, for yourself, your essence. Our Circle is also a space to nourish yourself, to fill your cup for your motherhood duties.

This Circle is for all mothers – whether your baby is 4 months old, 9 years old, or connected with you in the stars. In the transition to motherhood, during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, we enter a liminal and very vulnerable space of "no longer who we were" and "not yet who we are becoming."

We (Valérie from @wisewomanatelier and Denise will guide you through our Circle and hold the space. We love the interplay of different nurturing components and will facilitate a relaxed arrival with a gentle sound meditation, a heart-opening and connecting tea ceremony before diving into active listening and empathy. We will close the Circle with a guided meditation and then let you transition into Sunday afternoon.

To fully immerse yourself in this experience, we recommend organizing these 4 hours for yourself on this Sunday afternoon. We adore babies and children, and they are always welcome! However, to center yourself, keep your focus on you, and allow yourself this break, this nurturing, we suggest creating a child-free space. Partners, grandparents, babysitters, etc., can do a great job too.

Facilitators: Denise Petrikat and Valérie Grüninger
Date: 10.03.2024 - FULLY BOOKED
Time: 10:00 – approx. 14:00
Location: Younion Yoga Studio, Zurich
Language: German
Cost: CHF 95.–

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