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Valérie Grüninger


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Wise Women Atelier is a safe space to embrace true femininity and recharge energy in a sustainable manner while rejuvenating oneself.

I am Valérie, the founder of Wise Woman Atelier.


I've come to realize just how deeply exhausted and weary many people, particularly women and mothers, are. A quick fix simply won't cut it anymore; what we truly need is a fundamental shift in society and, most importantly, in our day-to-day lives.

It's a significant concern of mine that people prioritize their health proactively, long before they find themselves teetering on the edge of burnout, staring into the abyss. And that's where this place comes in.

The Wise Woman Atelier seamlessly blends ancient healing traditions with the contemporary world. My vision is to empower genuine femininity – embracing a cutting-edge form of womanhood. It's all about embracing an untamed and straightforward approach to authentic living.

Through gentle melodies, transformative breathwork, and the subtle flow of Reiki energy, we carve out new paths while drawing wisdom from the past. Let's unite and tap into our inner wisdom.

One woman at a time.

One mother at a time.

Within the safety and sanctuary of this atelier, I'd like you to challenge outdated patterns, dismantle old beliefs, and craft a brand new world.

Are you with me? Let's connect!

Let's get together if...

You are seeking connection :: You want to speak from the heart without judgment :: You need time for yourself :: You are looking for a safe space to express your feelings :: You are searching for "something more" :: You enjoy nature :: You feel overwhelmed and tired.


Wise Women Atelier stands as a sanctuary for freedom and authenticity, bridging ancient wisdom with the modern world for everyone.

Providing a safe space for one to embody true femininity and a sustainable way to recharge, regulate, and regenerate in the fullness of life.

For ourselves, for our community, and for the entire planet.

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